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  1. The "I love this" pieces are few and far between for me, but for me to love it, it's the feeling I get when it comes out of the kiln and it's exactly what I imagined, all of it, shape, glaze, nice looking and well-made and the feeling that that's what makes it all worthwhile, well, that and the fact that I love clay and can't be without it for too long. I'm strictly a hand builder utilizing the coil method and lately ,because I'm experimenting with marbled clay, slab building. I also have to say , for myself, I like organic shapes and what I make are mostly decorative which is also a form of functionality. I push the clay to its limits and often beyond to see how far I can take it, but at 76, I've begun slowing down. I never sold a lot as that wasn't my desire but I tried it for 2 years to see if anyone would buy what I made, and to my surprise, they did, and that was enough for me. So, if it's just a soso piece, I give it to goodwill, if its acceptable in my eyes, I may gift it to someone, but if it's really special and makes me smile, I keep it and my family will eventually have some nice pieces made by me. I don't know about anyone else, but when it happens, I smile, get on my good knee, and bow to the kiln goddess!
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