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  1. Yes, thank you! I should have qualified this by saying I am not looking to put found clay into the hands of children, as I am aware of the toxicity issues, but mostly want to document through photographs and perhaps a sample to look at but not use. Thanks for the suggestions and the links!
  2. Hello all -- I am new to this forum, so apologies if this is not the right place for this post. I am a third grade teacher conducting research for a Hudson River curriculum. I enjoy giving my students opportunities to work with clay in an arts-related setting, but am looking to consider its natural science and social studies implications. I am particularly interested in looking for opportunities to see/feel clay in its natural state. Does anyone know of any clay exposures near/along the Hudson River I might visit for some first-hand research? Thanks in advance for any suggestions/input, and once again apologies if this question is misplaced.
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