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  1. Hi still no reply from potterycrafts yet. Can anyone help with someone who could fix or service my wheel in the Mansfield/ Nottingham area thanks
  2. Hi hope these help thanks. TimK
  3. Hi have tried to attach photos but cannot as my files are too large to download. How ever Serial no is 2440352. And type is P6706. Hope this helps. The overload trip keeps activating so guess problems are associated with overload circuit as motor runs ok with belt removed Any help would be appreciated TimK
  4. Hi I have sent an email to potterycrafts but have not yet received a reply
  5. Many thanks for your reply. I tried to contact Podmores but I understand that they ceased trading and all records of equipment built have been lost
  6. Hi. I live in Mansfield in Nottinghamshire.
  7. Hi can anyone help me my wheel the overload circuit for the motor keeps tripping out does anyone have the circuit for this unit or can anyone recommend anyone who could repair it.
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