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  1. I have a digital scale that's accurate (allegedly) within 100th of a gram, and sample cups that fit my immersion blender. Even still getting getting things just right can be a challenge. I still don't have a feel for how small errors at this scale play out in larger batches, but I've been trying to be within a 10th of a gram on things. I imagine if I find something I like from this kind of test, I can do something similar with varying amounts of the same colorants to try to dial it in, and scale it up slowly. I like the idea of measuring things out on a plastic spoon. I'll have to give that a try.
  2. Got into the studio yesterday and tried a mini blend. Just 4 colorants to try to keep it simple for my first time. I mixed my base to my target SG, did some math to figure out how many CCs per 100g of dry, and off I went. The syringe works great, and the whole thing was super fun and relatively painless. I can see how its very easy to mess up though, especially with a larger blend. I'm not totally sure I didn't mess something up... we'll see. I'll fire them today and we'll see how it turned out tomorrow. Thanks for all the tips!
  3. @Min that's awesome! I've heard about this but it hadn't really clicked until I saw your last diagram. Great tip about the syringe. I think I have a couple lying around that should do the trick. Thanks! Its going to be a busy weekend
  4. Hi Diane Have you checked out glazy.org? I've found it a great place to start when looking for things like this. https://glazy.org/search?photo=true&base_type=460&type=1060&cone=30&atmosphere=1&production=1&analysisName=umfAnalysis
  5. Thanks Callie JohnnyK, I guess I wouldn't be adding minute amounts to get a specific SG. I might mix up a 1000g batch of a base, add water / mix until I hit my target SG, which I do any time I'm mixing a glaze. I would then divide up the base glaze by volume. If I've divided it up so there are 100g of dry base in each portion, then adding additional colorants or whatever makes for simple math. I suppose if I really wanted to be on it I would readjust SG after adding colorants, but I'm not sure how finicky its worth being at that point. Maybe I'll try both ways and see if it makes a difference. Anyway, that's the theory. Going to give it a try this weekend and see how it goes.
  6. For sure. I have a new kiln and am new to firing in general, so as I've learned more about its characteristics I have gone back and re-bisqued some pieces from questionable firings. FWIW on my bartlett controller I now do a slow bisque to 04 with a 20 minute hold and a pre-heat if I'm feeling nervous. My kiln is small, 18" x 18", and without the hold fires fairly unevenly.
  7. I've been testing small 100g batches of various glazes and variations, and the way I've been doing it is... tedious. I've been dry mixing 100g at a time, and I've been trying to find a more efficient way but haven't come up with much from books or internet. I've had an idea I wanted to try, but thought I would run it by this fine crowd to see if it makes sense, or if someone has a better suggestion. I figure if I'm doing a line blend or something where I'm just making tweaks to the same base over a series of tests, I should be able to use specific gravity and volume as a substitute for dry material weight. That is, if 100ml of water is 100g (adjusted for my water and altitude of course), and I mix at a specific gravity of 145, then in 222ml I should have reasonably close to 100g of dry material. I can then mix in the variable material like I would normally. So, does this seem like a reasonable approach? Any better suggestions? Thanks!
  8. Awesome! Just the answer I was hoping for. Thanks for the info!
  9. In my last firing I noticed some black dust on my kiln shelves that I suspect are coming from the exposed end of my thermocouple based on their location. The kiln was purchased new, and has only been fired 5 times. I'm wondering if the thermocouple is a reasonable suspect, and if so is this normal or am I doing something wrong. thanks
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