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  1. Hello Forums, and Happy 4th of July weekend to you! I'm on a project using paper clay on a largish platter with some sculptural embellishments . I was wondering if there are advantages to once firing paper clay ? and at what moisture content would you spray glaze a once-fire piece, leather hard or bone dry? On a side note; I was making this a s a Birthday present (July 7) so ..Im late. 16x14 x4 tall added sculptural handles and feet. Thanks in advance. Ray and Susan
  2. Wow I knew i would get some interesting feedback. Ive been reading these forums for a cpl years now. Thanks for letting me break the ice!
  3. I like the "banner" up top--the graphic affect & pallet is kinda "soothing" and intriguing simultaneously-nice vibe.

    1. Mr. Ray

      Mr. Ray

      Purely by accident. 


    2. LeeU


      Maybe that's the best kind, for resultant artfulness. ;)

    3. Mr. Ray

      Mr. Ray

      I don't know where my pottery endeavors will lead me. but I wont be measuring to a sixteenth of an inch and it won't be square!


  4. I am at a point where consistency is difficult , and artful is resultant. So I call myself an artist. pow! I am one
  5. I'm called Ray, or Roo, or worse. When I make balls of clay for throwing, I don't measure. . As a matter of indifference; maybe I go out of the way to make them so. 1.5 ....2.0 ..2.7. ... At what point in your career does consistency matter? Is it an e
  6. Just  learning how to be "Part of a community"... 


    1. Min


      There is a guide here on how to use the forum if that helps. And @Callie Beller Diesel is in the process of doing a similar one on posting images. Just jump right in!

  7. My First "Hi".

    1. Min


      Hi Mr. Ray and welcome to the forum. :)

    2. Mr. Ray

      Mr. Ray

      Ty Min

      Still shy here


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