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  1. Hello.... I have made several tall vases using slab roller and cylindrical forms that have survived the bisque fire, however, failed and bent during glaze fire. Clay i use is B-mix 5 with no grog. I only had one witness cone in the kiln and it showed proper heating to cone 6. What can be the cause of this failure? Elements in the kiln where all replaced two months ago, and pieces where all on the same half shelf. Appreciate all inputs.
  2. Hello, I placed small plates on very top shelf (top most kiln elements is below the shelf) and the Orton cone 04 has barely bent. Kiln run was set at slow and total run time was about 15 hrs. I did not have witness cones on other shelves. I am wondering if I need to change all elements or is underfiring is due to shelf placement above the last kiln element position. I appreciate your inputs. Also should I restack and rerun all wear in the kiln. thanks, Farideh
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