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  1. If i must put a ceramic bas-relief on the wall of soft lime-stone outdoors, by t pool. what best to use to use 1/ cement or 2/ tile glue? Please???? As really epoxy glue i find too expansive for bigger formats as its arounfpd 1,2 m long
  2. Thanks a lot for suggestions))
  3. Yes the sculpture must be finished product
  4. Yes)) just try to find a correct way to deal with this cos gips with i use ( maybe unfortunately) started to create dump in brown clay. so it's possible that second firing with transparent glaze can safe all of this?
  5. Hi. Kindly find photos as neck part bern broken in buisqut fire, I filled with gips inside , thinking its will supported better . Not sure if it's wrong... of in such case what best to do? Planned originally for outdoors.
  6. Yes gips got gipsum ) as I filled parts tougher in buiscuit fired parts now changed my mind about leaving like ot is and want to glaze all tougher Also really concern now, as Buiscuit fired clay seems kind of dump((( around gips let me know what can be done thanks
  7. Gips inside clay its ok to survive firing? please?
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