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  1. Thank you everyone for your advice. I really appreciate it.
  2. Hello All, I would like to improve my throwing skills and branch out to new forms. I have been throwing off and on for about 7 years. I took a community arts class in 2013 where we went over wheel techniques for 2 classes - about 4 hours total... so I never really got any in depth instruction on the wheel. Currently I feel that I am proficient at cylinders and some vase forms, but again, never actually taught how to make vases, so they come out a little funky sometimes. Here is a photo of a few pieces I threw today. https://photos.app.goo.gl/VviENWh2R9gdKbah8 I have perus
  3. I am lifting the shut off rod and holding it in place while I place the cone. I used kiln wash on the posts, and before I could move from medium to high, the kiln was already off. I lifted the lid and the cone was not in the sitter, but on the floor of the shelf immediately below... I don't understand how this happened. I know I placed the cone correctly.
  4. That is a great thought because there is usually a small amount of the cone stuck to the metal of the bottom two holders that I’ve had to scrape off, see photo. I couldn’t get my camera to focus properly but you can see the brown of the cone on the silver metal. I will apply some kiln wash now. The kiln does turn off when the cone breaks. I am not sure how hot it’s getting but it always happens after I turn the gauges from medium to high.
  5. I did another firing with a brand new cone 05. It snapped as well. Just like the others. So I don’t think it’s a cone issue. Such a bummer.
  6. I’m really not sure since they were given to me with the kiln. I will try the new cones in a firing today, hopefully it works
  7. The cones 04 and 05 that I have (multiple boxes) were all given to me with the kiln. Do you think it’s possible that all of those boxes are just defective, perhaps they got too damp or something?
  8. Oh! That is definitely useful information but that was a box a new cones that I haven’t used yet, Cone 6. The others, the ones that broke in firing, were already snapped apart, Cones 05 and 04. I just used the cone 6’s for example. But I definitely didn’t know that I needed to break these ones apart when I do use them. So thank you!!
  9. The rod that rests on top of the cone barely requires any force to adjust. It moves freely and smoothly.
  10. It has 3 rings. Here are the broken cones and I am not home currently but I have some photos in my phone of the kiln, give me a few minutes to find them.
  11. I had this issue late last year but had a few successful firings since then, so I thought I had resolved this but now my cones are snapping during firing, instead of bending. It happens sometime after I switch gauges from medium to high. It’s happened in three bisque firings in a row. I used three different boxes of cones for each firing, I feel eliminating the chance that the issue is with the cones themselves. Cones 04 and 05 were used. I have an old L&L Econo Kiln, manual. This is my first kiln and I am very green but I’m learning. Does anyone have any suggestions for
  12. I’ve read through most all of the “how to” posts on building wedging tables and I’m seeing that you can add hardware cloth in the middle of the plaster to strengthen it. I have some hardware cloth scraps I can use but I don’t see any details on exactly how to add it. I guess my question is this- do I pour 1/2 of the plaster, let it firm up, then add the HC, then pour the other 1/2 and let set? Or Do I pour 1/2 then immediately add the HC then pour the other 1/2 and let set?
  13. Thank you Sir! I will follow your directions.
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