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  1. Here’s my reason for thinking it’s painted. This is from the same line, different pattern. The bands on this match the orange, and it’s definitely sitting on top of the surface, feels like it could be scratched off. Whatever it is, it was also definitely sprayed on (with the solid color pieces) because often on the inside of the handles, the color was missed. My clay is a cone 6
  2. Hi guys! Seeking some help on a project I’ve been working on for a while. To not get too in depth, I’ve been replicating this antique teapot, and need some advice on getting the finish/color right. I’ve struggled and struggled trying to find the right glaze to match, and then I had an epiphany that the orange is NOT a glaze but rather some sort of paint. There’s a definite texture change between the clear glazed areas and the orange. Also, the orange is kind of a satin finish. Does anyone have a clue what type of paint this would be, or what would replicate it? It sort of reminds me of t
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