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  1. Thank you all for being so helpful. My first thought seeing it was that it needed some work, but with no kiln experience or knowledge... here I am It doesn't belong to *me*, it belongs to a makers space i'm part of. They have one, much smaller newer one we've been using that has an electric control panel and another, slightly smaller (between the other two) that looks similar in age, possibly older, but less confusing controls. That was the one we were hoping to switch to(cone 7 max) but the thermal coupler in its sitter needed replaced and they don't make that model anymore. So they just got this one. However, this one has the same sitter, as well as one I do own myself that's never been tested (need a new line run to my garage for it). The problem is theese guys don't seem to wanna put much money into this. (The other two of the three were given to them free). I guess at this point I just need to talk to them about getting a professional repair guy involved, assuming we can find one close enough. Fort wayne, Indiana. And that tip knob, not only had no wiring to it, but it literally does nothing no matter how far you turn it. We turned it to 100 and it was still on 100 two days later.
  2. After opening the control panel to get pics inside, I see that top knob is... NOTHING! Lol I assume it was bypassed for the kiln sitter.
  3. Okay, yes, it has been looked in while on. All coils seem to work, and it was a bright orange color while running when I was there the other day. I didn't get a chance to go up there and get those pics yesterday, but I will tonight. I go every Tuesday. Also, i'm in fort wayne, indiana.
  4. Yes, that top knob says "turn past 20 then set timer" but I don't understand why it's 0-115 if it is a timer? What measurement of time would that be? Minutes doesn't make sense to me, and hours seems excessive. I don't know about that bottom section. I'll have to run up there this evening and get pictures of the inside,I don't have any right now. My friend ran a test fire with a cone 5 witness cone with that top knob on 100 and the timer on the kiln sitter at 20hrs, with all the knobs on high (we think, no mark to turn them to, he assumed up). It ran the full 20 hours and the witness cone was hardly bent at all. I unfortunately wasn't able to get a pic, but will do that this evening as well.
  5. The shelves that go in it are 21"
  6. I'm doing it all from my phone. Galaxy s9. Some are small enough, some aren't and I don't know why they aren't the same size. Even pictures from fb messenger are saying they're too big
  7. I'm having trouble getting the other photos to upload here, it says they're too big even though they should be the same size as the ones I already uploaded. Sorry about the plate being cutoff, it's the only angle you could read all the engravings from, the only things cut off are the "j" in "J. W. Good", then "model", "serial no"., and "element" which was left blank. The top section is not separate. There's a knob at the top that is marked 0-115, then two knobs that are low-med-high. It is in working order. The owner of the makers space made cookies in it to test it out(I wasn't there, I would never do that, doesn't seem safe with a used kiln especially). I'm actually most confused by that top knob but it won't let me upload any of my pics of it or of the whole kiln. Also, the highest cone that came with it was a 6, but it was broken. The comment about the incense was that there was indeed a pack of cone incense in the same box(I know the difference and they had a sent) . A bit of a bad joke, I guess, but the point was that it made me doubt that those cones were ever used for that kiln and may not give a good reference for measure. But from what i'm seeing here, it probably is a cone 6.
  8. I haven't measured it myself yet, but i'm guessing it's around 32"tall by 24"? Wide. Comparing to the old ones I have measured. It has an LT-3 kiln sitter. I have a video that shows everything, but I can't figure out how to share it here from my phone ... It has three knobs that are low- med- high and one at the top the goes from 0-115
  9. Not a total noob to clay, but I am too kilns! The makers space I'm part of (and teach beginning pottery at) recently aquired a J.W. Good model 24 kiln and I have no idea how to run it properly or how high it goes. I can't seem to find a manual or any useful information on this particular type of kiln. It did come with multiple boxes of witness cones, so I wanna guess the highest of those is how high it goes, but there was also a pack of cone incense in that box making me doubt everything! Lol Any information would be greatly appreciated!
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