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  1. Hi, I bought this sticker holder from Japan this year. I'm very interesting on the glaze and the pattern above it. But I have no idea about how to have that effect, it would be helpful if guys share your ideas for me. Thanks Ming
  2. Can you explain to me about my issue while the bisque? I also mis the black mica and same mesh for the clay.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm used to use knife to faceting my vase, but I found parts of potter chose this tool and get a great effect from that. Anyone has idea about how to buy that or possible to DIY by self?
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm a freshman for throwing pottery, trying to collect all essential tools for my daily work. I have met some guys use the tool on that photos in some video to clean the rim, and got a great effect. I have no idea what it's and how to buy it. Thanks for any help. Leopold
  5. Is it possible to fire in oxidation?
  6. If I use manganese for large speckles, is it possible for the electric kiln?
  7. Do you mean to mix the granular manganese with the clay?
  8. Well noted, I will make up some test tiles to test based on the original recipe to see what they do in the oxidation atmosphere. In the other side, I would also test your suggestion. If I using silicon carbide, which material in the original recipe should be reduced? Thanks for your help?
  9. Hi, thanks for your reply. My atmosphere is oxidation, what should I do now? Is that impossible to get this effect in oxidation firing?
  10. Hi everyone, I have an electric kiln for my works. I have a shino glaze recipe on the below: Nepheline Syenite 50% Spodumene 15% Kaolin 20% Soda Ash 10% Redart 5% If I try on the atmosphere of oxidation, is that possible? I think that would be weird, or someone can help to improve this recipe. Thanks
  11. Glazenerd, Thanks. My target effect is speckled Kohiki. According to your explanation, I should choose the higher mesh mica, like 30mesh or more. Is that possible to solve this issue if I use wheel throwing to work with this clay which mixed with the mica instead of casting? Best Leopold
  12. Hi, This photo was from the internet. It's very clear, but I can't see the name of this book. Who can advise?
  13. Hello everyone, In the past few weeks, I searched for some great recipes from the internet. I found some of the recipes included Ferro Frit 3134 and known it's a USA pottery frit. But I'm not lived in the USA, should I have another item to instead of it? I'm a freshman for this industrial, thanks for any help from you. Best
  14. Hi everyone, I mix some of 20mesh black mica with my 6cone clay. While the temperature up to 400c, the black mica in the clay will "jump out" from the clay like picture. I don't know why and who can give me advice?
  15. Thanks for reminding me of what purpose I want to accomplish. In short, my target is to know what's the way to have that effect. Of course, I now have many different answers and worth one shot. For me, there're two barriers I need to fix up. The first one is clay. I don't have that kind of red clay, I would plan to add some sand with clay and mingle them together, in just general conversation, I would add some iron oxide too from suggestions in order to have dots after firing. The second is the glaze and the engobe. I would try them on both.
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