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  1. I don’t think it’s lack of funding - classes fund a lot of our studio op and we have classes for 16-18 in a bunch of other disciplines! The video game thing is a great point!
  2. Hi there - Hope this is the right forum to post! I am the clay tech at a public studio, and we want to have a 16-18 Wheel class. However, there are concerns from the Executive Director of the community centre regarding bone development. He says there is a bone in the had that is not fully developed until age 18, and that it can be damaged by wheel throwing. I have never heard of such a thing. Any thoughts? Thanks all!
  3. Okay! Thank you. It's hard to find any info or guidance on handling toxic materials in ceramics it seems. I'm going to give it a try.
  4. We fire in a community centre, and our kilns vent outside. Do you think that would be a problem?
  5. We fire to cone 5. We were thinking of trying a cone 6 but Bmix is a cone 5. Also wondering if we add a longer hold, maybe that would help. I thought there would be some melt with the rutile. I worry about manganese because it’s so hazardous See attached for my samples. No melt at all!
  6. Hello, I'm a studio tech and am looking for a speckled white glaze with melty brown speckles like in this image for our students. The colour is a bit off in the image - the speckles are a brown, rust colour. I know that the clay is likely speckled buff, but we are locked to B-Mix as a clay body so we would need a glaze. I tried adding both granular ilmenite and granular rutile to our white glaze. The ilmenite didn't melt at all, unsurprising. I was hoping the rutile would melt similar to the glaze in the image - but it didn't seem to melt at all. Is this kind of glaze only obtainable by using a white glaze over a speckled clay body, or am I doing something wrong with the rutile? Thank you!
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