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Out of high school in 1972 and not a clue.  No exposure that registered to arts and/or craft at all.  5 years of band that established no musical talent to speak of.  Married for a brief time to a lovely lady who was very artistic.  By way of that, I saw the craftsman lifestyle and wanted it desperately.  This is still the 70s, so it was still flourishing in Southern California.  All attempts at my first passion, wood working failed.  It was like the village idiot lusting after the princess.  Hopelessly sweet, but the plan was formed.  Get a decent regular job, build the craft until retirement.  I look at it this way.  There are people who are 100% artists.  They can and will live on a street corner and flourish (this varies).  Then there are people like me that are 50% artist.  We need more in our favor to succeed.  Paid for studio/equipment.  Niche market established.  Supporting income.  Got the job about 1987 and married the right one in 1991.  Discovered clay by chance.  She had an "A" parking pass to UCSD from her job.  At that time, UCSD had a cranking craft center.  Pottery with 4 kilns, glass blowing, metal, very dynamic.  I took classes from some good teachers and with dedication learned what I needed.  Fast forward 25 years and I'm established to the point of my goal.  I'll be retiring soon, so I'll update this in 6 months.

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