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  1. These Northern China, Song Dynasty funerary jars are quite common.. All share the same three clawed dragons chasing the flaming pearl theme, combined with the 12 celestial beings. Not to mention the very noticeable buff red clay also common to these black wares. Also, the glaze was applied by "dipping" the piece in a glaze slurry, again a trademark common for these wares. It will have more decorative value because the glaze will be fired properly resulting in it matching other brown/black ware Northern and Southern Song Dynasty pieces from the period. I would like the glaze to
  2. I will gratefully accept any help you or your friends can offer.. In my opinion the piece will not increase much in value even after melting the glaze and bringing it to its full potential luster. I would not place a value any greater than 300 to 400 dollars once the glaze is successfully fired. And I do not want to sell it, so would pay for return mailing.. I am familiar with the Asian Art forum. I will post there and see what the feedback is. I did post to Gotheborg, but no helpful response towards getting this fired. I am happy to mail this to China. I really do wan
  3. Thank you all for the replies. Yes it is authentic. I wish to bring the glaze out to it's full potential. It is worth the risk, which in my humble opinion is minimal.. So I am still looking for someone who is willing to fire this for me.. Hopefully in a wood burning kiln, but a modern kiln will do the trick just fine..
  4. Here are a few examples for what the glaze should end up looking like. Although, most Tang and Song Dynasty type dark glazes pass thought a teadust phase as they fire, if underfired, that is, if the kiln temp is not quite high enough or if the appropriate temp is not maintained for a sufficient length of time, the glaze will mature tea dust rather than black. With Greater heat and a more thorough melt, Tang/Song dynasty teadust glazes transform into a dull black and dull brown colors. With still more heat they begin to show the rich, subtle and glossy glazes. For these more mature glaze
  5. I am reaching out for help to fire this Song Dynasty ( 960 - 1279 AD ) ceramic / stoneware Chinese funerary jar. I went to a couple of local shops, but one would not help, the other did not understand what they were looking at. Tried contacting the Washington Clay Arts Association, but no reply. For what ever reason the kiln attendant ( got drunk and passed out , who knows. ) did not leave this in long enough to melt the glaze. Would like to fire this at 1250 to 1300 °C in oxidizing to neutral atmosphere. One option of course is to use a modern kiln, but it wo
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