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  1. Yes I think also they use a teapot everyday and it's showing off wealth. A lot of business deals and family dinners end with drinking tea around a decrotive wooded carved slab and decrotive tea sets. It's all about creating something special that can be passed down in families it's nice. Here's some of my teachers works. Absolutely amazing Imo and worth every dollar. You can see the master level in the work compared to an apprentice. All made on a banding wheel.
  2. Enough to get a good workout lol. The video is sped up 15x. I cut out a lot of making the pot itself because I have another video that shows more of just making the pot body. I learned in Taiwan where my teacher would cut your teapot in half as a learning experience if it was not "balenced" or too thick. So I learned pretty fast if I wanted anything to go in the kiln to spin until I broke a sweat ha. I do use a electric wheel to make inventory. I still like to make handmade teapots sometimes it reminds me of being back in Taiwan getting pot after pot thrown out in Taiwan until finally getting
  3. Along with mugs and vases dinnerware ect i'm going to throw out a couple of sculptured pieces. This one might make the cut depending on how it comes out of the kiln.
  4. Thanks very much for the support! I enjoy sculpting for fun.
  5. If I don't have this in the correct place my apologies. Just like to share a video of myself sculpting a hand. It's my first attempt and was told it's difficult and it certainly is. If you'd like to have a watch check out the link below. Thanks for the support and for all the potters in the North spring is coming and show time is around the corner. Good Luck!
  6. Good idea about a used kiln. I'm located near Toronto Canada. Looking for an electric 220/240 volts is ok. I'd like a digital controller so I can set it and not have to watch as close. Any type of loading is ok for me. Are there any particular auction sites? I've been watching Amazon Kijiji if something does come up there it's usually really old like 1970's looking old
  7. I have a really old kiln and going for an upgrade I'd love to keep it under $2000 mostly cone 6 firings. My old kiln was 30x20. Any recommendations.? I looked through some threads didn't see anything relevant.
  8. I'll see if they sell soon. I think I'll put $125 on it? Maybe $50-80 for other ones? It took about 2 hours to make and still needs to be fired.
  9. Great to know Stephan thanks. I'll throw them out there and see how they do.
  10. Awesome Callie thanks! I'll try to sell them as sugar jars that's a great idea. I've made 6 so far maybe I'll make 10 and see how it goes. There's a local show here in April for a test.
  11. Here's Yoda up until now I'm still going to add a full body and keep adjusting the head. He looks a bit like an angry alien right now. He won't be for sale just a fun side project
  12. I believe you are correct maybe stone with zero clutter is the culprit. Seems cold with no. Character to me
  13. Aww yes you guys are correct. Disney seems like a nice company until they sic the lawyers on you. I don't think I could sell Yoda anyway I think he's going in my not for sale display
  14. I'll keep going with them maybe I'll make 10 and see how they do next show. I'm also starting a few sculpted pieces. Yoda from startwars and dragon from game of thrones. Anyone have experience selling those types of pieces?
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