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  1. #MAGNOLIA MUD RESEARCH >Regularily occuring these cracks >2 months ago when noticed > starting from same location ,went towards ID ,width same, -length changed , >No change in manufacturing process and groove cutting after drier , before drier also cut the Groove ,but no improvement > the manufacturing process is filter cake>pugmill>hand making roller for better compact > shaping with the help of jigeer , >100% checked from beginning to drier No occuring crack and sure crack didn't showing prior to the shuttle kiln >I think stress May be not matter because Crack occuring all Range insulators as :- 12kv ,24 kv, 36kv, 52kv. Etc Looking for your reply Thanks Vikash Bhagat
  2. We had try slow cycle at the time of quartz inversion ,and base we are using as now as earlier, but we didn't find any improvement ,and attach also a full pic of insulator
  3. #Marc c. When fired in shuttel kiln with Hang technique , crack not come , and without hang comes crack , due to some resions we can't fired in tunnel kiln
  4. No these are running products , dark material is glaze and, "glued afterward" I am not getting this
  5. Same place crack in all type designed insulators , this type of cracking coming in all designed insulators when fired in suttel kiln , when fired in tunnel kiln its (groove crack) appearance is nexible, the wall thickness issues no matter because different type of insulators different different wall thickness ic:- 36kv /630A thickness is 16 mm, When 36kv/2000A insulator wall thickness at the place of groove crack is 26mm Attachment :- 36kv/630a top view (3D) of groove crack 36kv/2000a top view of groove crack
  6. As found groove crack after firing , Attachment :-Top view of Groove with crack in shell Item
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