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  1. Thank you all for your responses! Our back up idea is to use ready-made slip and speckle glaze (as you suggested) I have found a glaze selection by Mayco called Stroke and Coat. It has really great colours and speckle finish. Is it possible to dip this glaze rather than paint it on? I have painted on glaze before but I saw I missed a few spots - oops. https://www.potclays.co.uk/studio/products/8509/pink-a-boo-speckled#responsiveTabs Can anyone recommend a glaze brand that you can dip? Thanks everyone xx
  2. Hello all! My partner and I want to slip cast cups, I have a bit of an idea when it comes to ceramics (thanks mum) but have some questions :) We have found a clay that already has a speckle in it - can we use it to make slip for casting? If the clay cannot be made into slip - is there something we could add to plain slip to make a speckled look (that's food safe)? Can we add pigment to clay/slip that already has a speckle? Would this interfere with the chemistry? I know the other option is to use glaze to achieve a speckled look but we would prefer that it came from
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