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  1. Min, Liam, would you also get rid of the bentonite content -having in mind the kaolin increase- in both recipes? I began to think about it with the modification of the Epson salts...
  2. It's actually very close! I'm going to do some trials and I hope it works, thank you!
  3. Yesterday I downloaded Glazemaster but came here after realizing it wasn't that easy to use it... Do you have any suggestion about the substitution?, there's not 3124 around here and I'm getting out of ideas... Thanks for the answer!
  4. Hi! I'm trying to reformulate Arbuckle's majolica recipe for cone 05, since I can't find frit 3124 in my country. I was hoping someone could help me or give some advice on how to reformulate the recipe with frit 3134. I'm aware that the main difference is the alumina content and that I can source it from the EPK but I have no idea of how much I should add and if I should also modify the silica content... or decrease the frit. Any advice is welcome, thank's in advance!
  5. Thanks a lot Callie! I'm happy to know it works with the 3134.
  6. Hi! I'm trying to make Holly┬┤s Underglaze which needs 33.3% of Ferro Frit 3124, sadly here in my country -Mexico- that specific Frit is unavailable, but I can get Ferro 3134 and by reading Digitalfire I realized that the biggest difference is the lack of alumina, so I was thinking about increasing the amount of EPK Kaolin in the recipe and was wondering if you might have any kind of suggestion of how to modify the percentage of Kaolin or even another approach to making a proper substitution by using the 3134, I know this is a matter of trial and error but I'm hoping to decrease the error
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