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  1. Hi all I have an even heat high fire kiln 2 zones 18 x 18 inch top loader I have done maximum of 100 firings 2/3 of them cone 9/10 the rest are bisque firing am now putting in the 5 Th thermocouple in 18 months I have replaced 2elements in that time. 1 bottom and 1 centre is this pretty standard for the amount of time that I have used this kiln I bought brand new thanks for any feedback I can get regards richard
  2. Hi Neil where can I find these hoods thanks again Richard
  3. Hi all just seen this exhaust ducting system looks like will suit my situation very nicely do you think it would be quite safe thanks in advance
  4. hi min thanks very much for your time and effort 10 ml sodium = 14 grams in weight. According to the bottle label of sodium I have ,10 kg block of porcelain contains 20% water therefore that leavesyou with 8kg of clay material. Really rough ballpark amount of sodium silicate would be 0.2% do you mean 2.0 grams per kilo it doesn’t seem to form a skin when I stop mixing at all, Actually it doesn’t form a skin at all after whatever time I leave it And it doesn’t seem to form water on the surface after a day or so either i have poured a cast this afternoon and the only thing is that I let the slip set for 7 minutes and it formed quite thick as in 4 mm ,I am after 2 mm thick for the transparency for the light shade ,it poured quite well and didn’t leave any ripple effects at all (the porcelain clay I am using is a translucent called COOL ICE from a manufacturer here called CLAYWORKS )which I have got with the factory made slip previously with 7 minutes of time I will try another pour tomorrow and set for maybe 4 minutes and see if I get the 2 mm I am after Thanks very much again min
  5. Hi min. I was just wondering if I made the slip too thin ,can I use Epsom salts to thicken it up. I am new to learning slip casting I started with A 10 kg block of porcelain then add small cubes to 1.8 litres of water mixed thoroughly p.g was 175 I added 10 ml sodium silicate and a few drops of dispex I am doing viscosity test now when I bought pre made casting slip the p.g I checked was around 175 also I done test on viscosity by draining 200 ml through syringe with a 3 mm hole and took 70 seconds to empty so I am aiming for a similar result with my home made slip am I on the right track regards Richard
  6. Hi all. Another question about Epson salts is what sought of amount would you start adding to Porcelain casting slips which is to thin for pouring. Thanks
  7. Hi all Thanks for all your help So much information from such experts to someone with no expertise Will try these options and see what happens. The less zircosil and the cone 6 idea. Both sound like worth a try Will have to make some more test tiles first and will let you know
  8. Hi all Thanks for all your help So much information from such experts to someone with no expertise Will try these options and see what happens. The less zircosil and the cone 6 idea. Both sound like worth a try Will have to make some more test tiles first and will let you know
  9. Hi Neil I did not know they would work at cone 6. The 4/3/2/1/ recipe will work at cone 6 I take it I can try this and add more stain I have added 10% normally but a test I did last week I added 15 % and the colour did come up stronger The stains I was told were firing temperature of 1300 I thought that was the temperature they needed to go to So 1300 is anything up to ? Ok thats good I am inexperienced at this game Started this year. Bought my first kiln about 6 months ago 3.3 cubic ft. That’s why I’m looking to get a bigger kiln as I have nearly out grown it Been a real challenge but an awful lot of fun with the firing side of things a much bigger challenge Throwing pots etc got nothing on getting the firing part right
  10. Hi Min yes I’m quite sure they are up to 1300 Celsius 4321 works very well with anything else I have tried ,well at least as far as I know anyway 10% zircosil added for white base thanks again Min regards richard
  11. I will try and find out about cadmium 12 hour cooling I have not tried Zirconium see samples I tested top row in white 4/3/2/1/ base and bottom row in 4/3/2/1/ clear base
  12. Hi Min thanks for your help the stains I am using are reds and yellows they are not coming out as bright as I would like when I use them in the standard clear I have 40% feldspar 30%silaca 20%whiting 10% kaolin thanks again Min
  14. Hi all hope you can help i found this recipe below I have translated it to this Have I got it right K FELDSPA 40-45 % POTASSIUM FELDSPA Si02. 20 % SILOCON DIOXIDE CaCo3. 8. % CALCIUM CARBINATE Zn0. 6 %. ZINC OXIDE Sro3 5-8 %. STRONTIUM CARBONATE A1203. 5-7 % ALUMINA calcined 300# CLAY 8-10 % Kaolin but has turned out a white instead of clear see picture
  15. Hi Neil do the Skutt wheels have quick stop when you take your foot off the controller. REGARDS RICHARD
  16. Hi Liam also I am looking at a kiln to buy but I see they all seem to have only 1 Pyrometric sensor. I have seen here an evenheat kiln with 2 Pyrometric sensors See picture mis it a big deal to have 2 sensors I am not experienced much with kilns
  17. Hi there thanks for your helpful information does your wheel have good consistent speed at very low speed regards richard
  18. hi all can anyone who has a Thomas Stuart pottery wheel tell me the goods and bads of this brand as I am looking to buy as they have the easy removable wheel head witch I like , there are several different models, looking at the Thomas Stuart Revolution Potter's Wheel - one of the main things I want is very good speed control at very slow speed and power at high speed hope someone with experience with this brand can help as I am importing from the US to AUSTRALIA along with a kiln and other pottery products as these are very expensive here THANKYOU ALL REGARDS RICHARD
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