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  1. Hello everyone, I would like to have a chunky table made which consists of four ceramic table legs and a wood on top. The table legs (W200mmxD200mmxH700mm) can be a rectangular steel hollow section (200 x 200 mm, 700 mm in height) that then gets encased in ultramarine glazed ceramic. I worked with kilns when I was an architectural student, but now am curious to see if there are techniques or ways of doing these legs without firing them, as I am not sure any kiln could take that big size. I live in UK and can get decent raw materials, but the project is in Croatia and I am not sure if they have kilns in the vicinity of the house. Second question, the table top would be made of ragged shaped planks that would naturally leave gaps between each plank as the wood curves in and out. I would like to pour ultramarine ceramic into these gaps, but again I won't be able to fire these free-formed ceramic stitches in the kiln as the wood would burn. Can I do anything with air drying ceramic mixture, is there anything like that? and then glaze it with some other solution on top? I appreciate all your suggestions and tips. Thank you and all the best, Dado
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