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  1. Many thanks LeeU and Magnolia Mud Research!
  2. Has anyone used an aluminum rolling pin with clay? Did it stick?
  3. Many thanks everyone! I greatly appreciate all your advice on how to best calculate things. I will do some test pieces and see how it goes. :)
  4. I recently bought some natural cork lids that I would like to use for canisters. The cork lids are 4.5 inches in diameter on the top, and 4 inches on the bottom (http://www.corkstore.com/Products/Bark-Top-Stoppers/Rough-Natural-Top-Cork-Stopper-BT08-Bag4) and the canister might look something along the lines of this example: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/47428602312927964/). Since I'm not making a clay lid, how would I best determine how wide to throw the inner lip of my canister? I will be glazing the interior of the canister as well. Many thanks for any assistance in advance!
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