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    I enjoy making things with clay (new to ceramics) and using slips, oxides and a blowtorch for surface treatment :)

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  1. Hi, thank you all very much , lots of information there i was hoping to achieve the same surface that is on the first pot; the one on the left in the picture . The slip didn’t crack as much for the pot next to it - which is the one I wanted to refire. i think its best to accept that there’s not much I can do with the piece & move on. thanks again , I really appreciate it
  2. thank you , true, I can just try although now I’m wondering whether the slip would still fall off with the glaze while being fired, I wouldn’t want to damage a kiln
  3. Hi, I’m new to the world of clay so forgive me if this sounds like a silly question. I have a pot I’d like to refire (it’s gone through a cone 10 firing ) it did not have glaze, just a white clay only slip and a bit of oxides. I want to add more slip and oxides and refire but would it be okay to apply a clear glaze on top of an unfired slip?
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