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  1. I think I found solution--apparently epoxy resins are food safe, I should be able to coat the inside with that.
  2. Thanks--that's my concern, too. It may very well be safe as is, but don't want to risk my dogs health. The piece I hope to use is very heavy, has survived outside several seasons--I think it'd be a pain to get something similar in weight/durability specially made. I didn't realize it could potentially mess up a kiln; may have to look at other ways to line it for safety. If anyone else has an idea, much appreciated!
  3. Hi! I'm building an outdoor fountain using a beautiful heavy ceramic pot with blue cobalt glaze (purchased from a garden center) as a base. I'm planning for my dog to be able to drink from it over the summer. The glaze goes down about 2 inches past the lip on the inside, the inside is otherwise plain earthenware material (glaze covers the outside). I'm concerned there is likely unsafe toxins in the glaze that could leach into my puppy's water--does anyone have any suggestions to make the inside "food safe"? If I take it to a community kiln and glaze the inside clear, will that damage the exist
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