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  1. Thanks for the response! I would be installing whichever works better at school -- I'll see if our building manager knows if the building can support 3-phase power,
  2. Hello, I'm an art teacher at a small school, and have been offered two Skutt KM-1227 Kilns that haven't been firing properly for free if I can haul them away. The school I'm at used to have a kiln in the boiler room, which suffered water damage after a flood. I mostly took wood fire ceramics in college, and don't know too much about electric kilns. The contact person is the school grounds keeper, who didn't know too much about what's been malfunctioning. He said they replaced the elements recently in one, and did something to repair one of the displays. One has been turning off at high temperatures, and both have been heating unevenly, cracking pots. They may be 15 years old, he's not sure. There's some chipping in the side walls, and some cracking in the floor. I tried uploading photos, but they were too large, so I have them posted here. Does anyone know what might be involved in fixing one of these, and if they're worth accepting? Thanks!
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