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  1. Thanks Hitchmss for your comprehensive answer! I think this is what I love about clay, people use what they have at hand and make something out of it, beautiful or functional, or both!! Maybe I am in a little bit of uncharted waters,so best way to find out is to try. Yes very keen on being safe, I like the idea of seaweed (I can use the bits I don’t eat!!) and other natural materials, maybe some salts. Like the idea of ferrous chloride and note the potential harmful effects of this substance. Crawling, pinholing etc are all good, happy to be on the edge of it working/not working. Below is an image of a chawan that to me is beautiful, I doubt I can replicate, but will try a few things and see! Will take me some time to get my head around all the clays/glazes etc, but it is a journey not looking for a destination!
  2. Hi everyone, my first post! Getting back into ceramics after a 35 year hiatus and just so much info around these days!! Have built my own ceramic fiber raku kiln and exploring some ideas. Really like earthy style, crazing, pinholing etc. Just found out about sagar and really interested in exploring it more. A thought I had was to use stoneware, bisque fire, then use earthenware glaze on it. Would glaze inside, leave outside no glaze. As stoneware and not vitrified would it still take up sagar method? Can you (or is it worth doing) sagar on glazed pots, will it stick to or effect glaze in some way. Looking at alfoil sagar, will alfoil stick to glaze at sagar temp? Sorry if suestion is unclear or not using proper terms, just my mind is overwhelmed with possibilities!!
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