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  1. Thanks Johnny. Once and Aussie now firmly settled in Northern Ireland after 20yrs here. Aussie John is how I am referred to by some locals and seemed to suit as a user name! Very damp and cold here just now so a fan in the house probably the best bet for drying the plaster. I tipped the first plaster slab over the second and the clay came off as a single firming piece so I may be in a position to wedge it today!
  2. Brilliant. Thank you both for your help.
  3. I am new to ceramics and have recently started teaching art is a school two days per week. The other art teacher is also not a ceramicist. The current practise in the school it to discard clay ‘waste’. This is loads of clay so I have been working on recycling. I have dried discarded clay and rehydrated it for over a fortnight in a large bucket and made two large plaster bats to dry the rehydrated ‘slip’. Two questions: 1. Despite having been cast five days the plaster bats feel slightly cold to the touch - does this indicate they are still drying and not ready to use? 2
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