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  1. Hi! So I am an art teacher and I am fairly new to the firing process. My student accidentally glazed the bottom of this hat that is going to go on the top of the snowman. I know the glaze is hard to see. The color is true white and she did 3 layers. She did not realize that she couldn't glaze the bottom of the hat because she thought I was going to put the hat on the snowman for the glaze fire. Well, my question is, can I do that? I do not know if the hat would stay on the snowman's head during the glaze fire, or if the glaze from under the hat would melt onto the snowman's head. Wha
  2. Thank you all so much for your input and help!! I really appreciate it!
  3. I just don't know how to tell if the pots feel bisqued or not. What should the pieces feel like? They are an off grayish to white color.
  4. Mark, Yes I was instructed on how to set the sitter prior to the firing, and I did a test fire last year. The picture of the sitter is one that I found off of Google. The picture of my cone fired on the pamphlet was how I found my cone when I came in and the kiln was off with the switch down. I took it out of the pins to take the picture! I spoke to someone else who says the color from the bisque fire depends on the clay that is being used. He said that not all clays will have a light pink color after bisque fire. I think I am going to have my students glaze the pieces tomorrow and then I
  5. This is how my cone looks. I put it next to the diagram in the book. My main concern is that the pieces are still white. Doesn't this indicate that they are not fully fired? I thought the pieces had to be light pink after the bisque fire.
  6. Thanks! I am still confused as to whether or not I should fire the pieces again and if they are indeed under fired or over fired. When I walked in, the silver drop switch was down, and the dial was at the 6, which I assume means that it fired for only 6 hours. The temperature was almost at 0. I opened the kiln to check the pieces and they are not light pink. They still look white. Do you think I should fire the pieces again with a new cone? Or, would they be okay to glaze from only being fired for 6 hours? Sorry, I am very new to all of this!
  7. Hi everyone! I am an art teacher and am new to the firing process. I have the AMACO Standard Economy Electric Kiln (EC-55). kiln. The kiln sitter I have is the model LT-3 (I attached a picture of the kiln sitter that I have). I did a bisque fire last night with the pieces that were made from lowfire earthenware clay. The clay can be fired from 06-04. I used cone 05 and and set the timer on the kiln sitter to 12 hours. This morning I walked in and the dial seems to have stopped at 6 hours instead of firing for the full 12 hours. I am not sure what the problem could have been.
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