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  1. I have an ancient RK-2 that came out of a local studio that had been around since the 70s and closed about 10 years ago. Since I got it right around the time I began handbuilding, I haven't thrown on it much, but whenever I did it kinda drove me nuts and I was never sure if it was me out of practice or the wheel. After reading this thread I took a 360 digital "bubble" level to it and discovered that the wheelhead is actually closer to being level than any other surface I checked in my house. Teeny tiny bit of vertical wobble. However the old plastibats which came along with it are a hoot. Som
  2. My ancient RK-2 does the same thing. Happy to hear there's a way to trick it into going the right way. I had been just turning it off and on each time it happened until it decided to fly right. By which I mean left. Lol
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