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  1. I just noticed that the Home Depot knobs are actually metal, not porcelain -- oops! Most porcelain knobs cost $25+ per pair if new; vintage is cheaper but then they'll all be different and reglazing would get even crazier.... I'd love to just epoxy my own knobs onto the spindle, but then they'd never come off and that seems like it might cause problems someday...? Mark C, you mentioned making a side hole for the screw: I assume you mean when the spindles have holes drilled in them, which can be aligned with side holes in the knob using a set screw. That would be great, as long as it doesn't put too much stress on the porcelain -- do you have any idea how thick the walls would need to be? Thanks for your help!
  2. I want to make a series of porcelain door knobs. At first, I thought I could slip cast a prototype -- but I'm having trouble figuring out how to fasten the knob to a spindle without glue. Another option would be to reglaze plain white porcelain knobs from Home Depot. Does anyone have experience with making ceramic door knobs? I've seen lots of threaded inserts for making cabinet knobs accept screws, but only one source for door knobs and it's $15 for just one piece! I looked into all kinds of hardware but can't find anything to match a door knob spindle, which is normally 9/32" with 20 threads per inch. If I try reglazing the commercial knobs, would it help to rough them up with sandpaper first? I understand that reglazing is unpredictable, but it sounds like a cone 4 - cone 6 would be safe. My last resort would be to use Pebeo paints and forgo glazing altogether -- but I much prefer the look and durability of ceramics glazes....
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