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  1. She is creating a business of selling ceramic Christmas trees. Please have 1/8 holes in them for the standard medium and small like it's. When they glaze them the supposedly they use a dry brush that's round to clear out the holes, but I'm getting 3 to 5 holes in each tree that are almost always glazed over. I'm using currently a diamond tip drummle and I'm finding that I can't get a bite to start the whole and I'm sliding off the hole making cutting into the sides.
  2. Will this prevent the glaze from sticking in that location? She's been having me use a rat tailed file after burning our dremel bits galore. I just want to understand the reasoning. (It's only because I am an engineer
  3. Pardon the newbie question, I'm a 56 yo trying to make a stepdaughter happy.
  4. I have a question, I have a stepdaughter that is starting her own ceramic studio. She's making Christmas trees. How do I prevent glaze from going in the holes? If they are glazed over how do I clear them period of tried using diamond tips dremmel, I've tried using grinding bits. But the ceramic keeps chipping or the bit wears out after one use. What speed do i set the bit to?
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