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  1. I honestly wouldn’t mind selling them and getting one that would be more useful to my needs. I would have to do some more research to see what to price them at. Even though I only paid $150 for all three it would be nice to get a little more to cover some of the cost for the replacement. Anybody have any ideas how much I could sell them for? I’ll attach a picture below of the other two.
  2. How cool!! Your work sounds interesting. Small World indeed! I actually live west of Ft. worth. About an hour from Mesquite. Looks like the world just got smaller Thanks for all your help.
  3. I only say that it’s a 220v because that’s what the guy had it listed as, and it has a plug a plug that looks like your dryer for drying clothes. Lol. Honestly I haven’t even been able to plug it in because I don’t have the right outlet for it As far as the other two kilns they only have low/high listed as temperatures. You’re right. I can always resell them if I don’t decide to use them. I will have my husband check them out as far as the voltage goes. I’ll post the listing the guy put up. Again you are correct. I jumped into the purchase, but it was only $150.
  4. Thank you Mr. Howard for taking the time to respond. I’m assuming you work for Paragon? Is there a reason why the temperature gauge goes up to 2200?! Following what neilestrick has asked. Is there a way to “upgrade” the kiln so it can go up to 2200?! Thanks again.
  5. I hope this is the correct area for my topic. I recently purchase three kilns for $150. I was more interested in the bigger one but for $150 for all three plus pottery, books, etc. I thought what the heck. However. I soon realize that the kilns were used for China painting and not firing ceramic. Which is what I intended to use it for. I have done a little pottery at a friends house, but didn’t realize there were different kilns for different things. Yeah, I know. I’m also a crazy researcher, but purchased these on a whim. The seller had them listed as ceramic kiln. He didn’t know much about it since it belonged to his mother in law. Guess the China painters kiln on the control should have given it away, but I didn’t know China painting on already fired and glazed pottery was a thing. I’m not having any luck finding any information on this kiln. I visited a pottery supply place and was told that I could only use it for China painting or copper enameling. I was also told my kilns were very old. According to the label the max temp is 1700. However on the front dial it goes up to 2200. She didn’t seem to have an explanation for this. So my question is, if the dial clearly has 2200 as the highest temperature than why does it say max temp 1700? It’s a 220V Paragon 14-9 kiln. Below is a picture will try to add more Thanks in Advance
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