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  1. Hello! I used Laguna's WC-811 JSRH, a coarse, red clay body containing both sand and grog. Cone 10. Photo shows greenware. I mistakenly used a sponge on the edge, and a rough surface remains. To smooth the edge would you recommend sanding or ?? thank you, Susan
  2. I have two pieces and am applying underglaze on top of glaze. Will it work? First piece is Laguna Ward's Red Cone 06 earthenware with cone 06 clear glaze (already fired.) Trying to fix something, so I added some underglaze and plan to add more cone 06 clear glaze. Do you recommend two firings -- one for the new underglaze, one for the additional clear glaze? Second piece: Laguna White B-Mix Cone 10 with cone 6 clear glaze (already fired.) Again, trying to fix something, so I added underglaze and plan to add Cone 6 clear glaze to the new underglazed bits. Do you recommend two fi
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