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  1. I rather think that this may be the case.
  2. Next Monday I'll ask our teacher more questions about the types of clay, firing temperatures etc. It's the last lesson of the year, so it's likely to be more about wine and chat than pottery. I know she's had problems with the kiln before, and it's been repaired a few times, but she swears it's working fine just now. She's got decades of experience teaching ceramics, so I'm pretty sure she knows what she's doing. I do take home and use my pots, or give them away as gifts. I'm guessing that the clays will be unknown to the people on this forum because they are likely going to be local Czech clays or possibly German ones. I'll see if I can get the spec. sheet for them though. There aren't really any good Czech forums covering ceramics, and that's why I cast my net a little wider and asked here.
  3. Hello, I’m a newbie here (and I’ve only been doing ceramics for 2 years). Recently I’ve had an issue with my pots leaking. For the first eighteen months of me doing pottery there was no problem, but since June every single one of my pots/vases/cups has had a slow leak, like it’s sweating from the base, leaving a damp patch on the surface. My great problem is that I have no control over the clay, firing or glazes used. I go to a pottery class, and our teacher is in charge of buying the materials and firing. I’ll talk to her more about the technical aspects of firing next week, but I want to get some opinions here before I do that. She says that there is no problem with the clay body, but the fact that this problem arose some six months ago in every pot, and not before that, makes me think otherwise. I would be grateful for any input.
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