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  1. That definitely wont be possible, it's a maybe six or seven inch slab pored into a wooden frame table. It's not going anywhere, and I'm honestly not excited about the idea of shaving it down either as the lip of the table already comes up to the surface of the plaster. My current dream is that she'll say it's ugly but harmless and tell me not to be so dumb in the future. Thank you guys very much for your advice, this was a source of panic in my life. I feel like I should explain that I still haven't seen her about this and that that's normal for us, she has a dayjob that keeps her out of
  2. Hello yes, Also a newbie here but quite curious. Do you know the name or type/types of clay, and can you talk about the techniques you're using in the class, or any details that may have contributed to this? Are these pots that you're using, or do they hang out in the classroom? Apologies for offering questions and no answers.
  3. Thank you, I'll definitely have to talk to her, I'm just not looking forward to it. It was a pretty dumb mistake. As long as I know it won't have an effect on her work I think we can deal with fixing the table with no problem, my main concern was that it may change the color of her clay.
  4. Greetings good people please help me. I am an apprentice potter who's master works almost exclusively in porcelain and I've stained her plaster wedging table with a completely different clay body. I don't know it's name but it's a red clay, much stiffer, which fires to cone 11 where her porcelain is fired to cone 6. Is there a way to clean the pigment out of the plaster, and if I can't is there a risk it will contaminate her white clay in the future, will the pigment dredge up out of the plaster as she wedges? Part if me thinks it's harmless but I'm afraid I've ruined her table. When I've made
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