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  1. I am doing a test fire in the jewelry kiln with some test tiles, but the kiln is full manual, including shutoff, so I wasn't sure about the cone pack. Thanks!
  2. I am looking to do a glaze test in a manual EZfire jewelry kiln. What cones should I put into the cone pack? I am looking to fire to cone 6, with a small size orton cone. The max temp for the kiln is listed at 2300 degrees. I am also wondering how to raise the firing temp of Duncan concepts clear dipping glaze from Cone 06 to cone 6, Is this possible? Continental clay in Minneapolis suggests the clear is fine to overfire to cone 6, does anyone have experience with this or advice? Thanks!
  3. I have not used glaze formulation software yet. the most I have learned about glaze is how to mix it, so anything can help. How do I know if it's a transparent base? We have Leaches transparent, but it fires white and blue (over black slip) or a JK 20 White?
  4. Thank you, both! I guess the qualities I am searching for are gloss, and a nice thick clear glaze, but stable enough that it won't run too much.
  5. Hello, All! I am looking for info on favorite and best clear glazes to use with slip decorations at cone 10, and favorites to use with underglaze at cone 6 on porcelain slip! any and all help is appreciated. I am in my senior year of my ceramics undergrad, so photos of results could be super beneficial because I am not 100% certain of the properties I desire as of just yet. Thank you in advance!
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