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  1. Bill I would like to know your plans or have you make a gas kiln recorder like the one you mentioned on You Tube with the gas firing schedule.  Is there any way to do that?

    1. Bill Kielb

      Bill Kielb

      I have made several and depending upon the familiarity of the end user have created several for studios that plan to teach or schools. Our policy has been to provide assistance in the build and the software already written  with minor customization as long as it advances the ceramic arts. In other words, no charge license for single use forever, open architecture so the end user can learn to modify on their own if they wish.

      How comfortable are you with the build part?

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  2. I passed on the info you gave to me. It looks like it might be too big for the maintenance guy to handle. I think its GOOD BYE to the whisper wheel. Now its down to 3 wheels for 6 people. The hand builders group are getting bigger in numbers. I certainly do appreciate the help you gave. Good health & good luck to you!

    1. Bill Kielb

      Bill Kielb

      You can just order a new board. With a little plugging and unplugging I think they can have a decent wheel. Maybe 300 - 400 bucks I believe if he goes on their website they have some generic troubleshooting tips using the On board LED lights which usually leads to replacing the board. Just plug and play stuff from there.

      Just looked, here is the link to the troubleshooting manual


      Best of luck!

  3. Hi Donna!

    May I suggest you post your question to the "Studio Operations and Making Work" forum?


    A couple thoughts

      Did you have cones at same level as the thermocouple? Expect there to be warmer and cooler places...

      Do you have an idea how fast the temp was rising the last hour or so? Note that the cones bend at lower temps when it's taking longer to get hotter - shoot for 2237F for cone 5.5 when the rate is 270F/hour



    1. Bill Kielb

      Bill Kielb

      The v6CF defaults to about 120 degrees per hour in the last 250 degrees of firing in cone fire mode. so their built  in cone table will say 2232 I believe. I just replied with a post detailing some simple questions and we can send her the basic V6Cf technical setup. It’s pretty easy and since she is close likely will help correct the situation.

      she will need to get familiar with fast glaze, slow glaze, etc..... as well 

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