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  1. They sit on the stilts better. It’s never affected the glaze on the lip of the mug. Ive just done another kiln load,after a good clean and no stilts, just sat the mugs on the shelf, bottom on the shelf, rim up. Two out of the six mugs have come out with impurities. I think it’s the mugs?!
  2. ok that’s good to know. Do you think I even need to use stilts? The shelves have been kiln washed
  3. I often see these impurities near the handles of the mugs and along the rims I generally place the mugs rim down on kiln sitters. Not sore if this is something of note?
  4. Ok I will give it a good clean Here is a pic of the band around the lid
  5. Yes the mugs are already glazed and there have been no change in the decals, supplier or onglaze paints. The mugs are usually sitting on the very bottom of the kiln or middle shelf. No I don’t have thermocouples, have no idea what they are? I can maybe try vacuuming out the kiln again to see if that works? Do you think it could be small bits of metal or something? Thanks so much for taking the time in replying I really appreciate the help
  6. I am using onglaze paints or decals on glazed ceramic mugs. I have never had any problems until just recently, when every mug I take out the kiln has impurities in the ceramic. I’m not sure what is the cause of this? Could it be that the kiln is firing too high, not high enough? Or just a bad batch of mugs? I have taken one of the peep holes out to make allow for more air flow but this hasn’t made any difference. Would love some feedback as it’s very frustrating having to redo my work. See attached images
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