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  1. they haven't happened yet! I fortunately (or unfortunately) got into ALL of the shows I applied for, so I now have a fair almost everyday the second week of December! thankfully one is a school fundraiser that requires manning the booth a shift to get your share of the money, or on they're on the weekends. otherwise I'd never get to class that week!
  2. I’m in New England and apparently pottery bird houses were popular in the colonial era. Mine are mostly decorative.
  3. work I have glazed and ready (after ruthlessly editing) Bug mugs (12) Wood fired bird house (2) Wood fired lidded jars (2) Little Porcelain jars (5) Little porcelain animal figures (3) Blue period mugs (6) iron washed figure (1) (naked lady, you'll know) https://photos.app.goo.gl/x6VqrGkqiVswEuuG7
  4. I'd like to up my game and break into "making more than the cost of the table", so I'm here for some advice. I've signed up for the application to a few small holiday fairs, and as a ceramic student I've got maybe $100 if I can get someone to loan me some money. I've been doing my school's "get rid of it before you go home" fair for a few years, but I haven't done anything at those other than put the stuff on the table and say hi to everyone who passes. Questions What kind of work sells well? What kind of setup can I throw together in 3 weeks? I've got some "eh it'll do" work (last year) and some "hey that's good!" (this year). Pricing advice? the fairs are at my school and a coffee shop, I’m not expecting big spenders, just your general artsy holiday crowd. studio turn around is about two weeks from bone dry to glaze fire, so small and quick is good. supplies I have freebie card reader from Paypal sign saying I have said card reader and can take X card car (SUV and I can fold the back seats down) old work that isn't terrible (images on request) one of those utility shopping carts Permission to use school materials (glazes etc) as long as I’m not working on “to sell” work during class (private studio time is fine. “Make More Work!” Is the school motto) stuff I can beg/borrow my dad who has a wood shop and is willing to help me make things if they aren't very complicated (my skill level, not his.) Possibly an assistant (my brother. Not lots of help, but some.) Maybe stuff from the house if I can promise to bring it back in one piece. limits the fairs I signed up for sell 4 foot and 8 foot tables. no booths here. I’m moving next year to a masters program, and I’m not sure they have a ceramic studio near there (I'll look but I'm not hopeful). I'd rather not make anything huge and/or costly and then have to store it in the meantime. thank you in advance for your time and help.
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