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  1. I was not aware of the heating the pieces to get the clear glaze to adhere better, I assume this specifically applies to glazing an already mature clay body? Appreciate both of the feedbacks. Yes, maturity is ^6. I already bought the underglaze, otherwise the acrylic paint is a genius idea I'll save for the future. Perhaps the answer is to simply deliver the ornaments in greenware state for underglaze application and hope the kids are all careful enough to not break them. I was aware of slower firing when mixing greenware and bisqueware so none of the greenware explodes. I've had succe
  2. Doing a project with approximately twenty neighborhood kids. I have quarter inch thick cookie cutter pieces that are supposed to be a non denominational holiday Christmas ornament. I Plan to pre fire them before delivering so they don't break. I feel like I have to, or a lot of kids will end up with broken pieces. They're also getting a half a pound of raw clay for an undetermined activity. Maybe a pinch pot or something easy to do via video lessons to that many children. Ideas and comments welcome on the activity for the Raw clay activity. Don't have a big enough load for cone 06 low fi
  3. My Skutt model 231 kiln can't make it much higher than cone 6, so I plan to keep that as my max. Can't afford a new kiln and I finally got the kilnsitter setup to trip at the right point. It's older than me according to https://skutt.com/skutt-resources/manuals/kilnsitter/ - says it is made before 1980 so it's basically a functioning antique. In good shape too.. unlike me... I'm switching to a medium range stoneware (Firing range is cone 06 to cone 8) so it will be more mature. I quoted the stoneware based off an empty box I had laying around the house but have since found the abov
  4. Whoops, good point Neilestrick. Very nice gallery pictures btw. Firing to cone 6, and my marbled clay is rovin clay Terracotta with fine grog cone 5 and high fire light stoneware cone 6-10 and the marbled porcelain is mid range cone 6 as well. Is there a versatile clear recipe that would suit all 3 clay bodies? Had such bad luck with actual glazes that I started doing the marbling to enable clear glaze usage and have liked results so I plan to do this for a while. My kiln is an old kilnsitter so I've been careful when it trips to turn back on right after for 20-30 mins wit
  5. I am blown away at the amount of helpful responses to this post. Thank you all! I decided that single firing would be fun, but without the ability to spray the glaze on, dipping greenware makes me nervous, so I will plan to fire bisque first. As for the glaze defects, I found a strainer and strained the crap outta the glaze and found the little chunks in the glaze, which is annoying cause AMACO dipping glaze instructions didn't even mention having to strain them. Also, $70+ for the small 1.5 gallon bucket is outrageously expensive after using most of it already. Slightly off topic, is
  6. Thank you all for the well thought out responses. I have the hand pump sprayer which I will attempt a few pieces for single firing. I did notice a few defects in the dipped bisqueware too, any comments happily welcome. This whole size limiting thing makes it tough to share issues. Had to screenshot the picture and then threw yellow stars where the pinholes and red stars with bounds around it to show the milky run from a not perfectly dipped piece. Don't like that it is cloudy, would rather a thinner glaze to simply protect the body.
  7. Will post pictures as soon as I get home, but I read somewhere that one does not really have to fire greenware before glazing. I understand there is a risk, and I am increasingly frustrated with the quality of the pieces coming out of my kiln. Kiln fires to Cone 6, I bisque to Cone 06. I bought a 25lb mix of the Amaco Ironstone and have been super disappointed. Switched to clear glaze (amaco mixing clear) because I started doing work with mason stains and marbeling clay bodies together, wedging nicely, and then throwing the pieces. They turned out great, but I started experimenting with di
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