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  1. Hello! I've decided to start using flamware clay to make cooking pots and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge to share. I worked with an artist for several months who works with flameware so I know a fair amount, however my knowledge is limited to her techniques and glaze recipes. The artist I worked with soda fires her work to cone 11. Has anyone tried firing flameware in a wood kiln? Thanks!
  2. Thanks everyone. What’s weird is the event organizer didn’t say “no pop ups”. She specifically said “no ez ups”. Which is confusing cause there is such a variety of quality within that brand. I even asked for clarification and she was still unclear. I definitely don’t want to stand out or look unprofessional compared to the other exhibitors, but I also am still fairly new to doing craft shows and I don’t want to spend too much money (considering I do not know how well I will do at the show). I guess I’m going to have to rent a tent for $375. But I’m very frustrated because I did not
  3. Hello! I’m gearing up for a big outdoor craft show in a few weeks and the exhibitors packet said “no ez up tents” due to the venue being windy. This is my first time doing this show so I’m not sure what to do! I don’t own a canopy like a light dome or trim line, and I’m not sure if I’m ready to invest that much, and renting one will cost almost half the price of buying one! Anyone have any advice?? Will a good quality pop up probably be ok with proper weights? Or do I bite the bullet and buy the light dome? Thanks!
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