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  1. Hey Chris, thanks for the suggestions... but yeah was a bit of a nightmare today. Just moved 500 Miles, set up a new studio in a new state, and had taken an order right before I left. Didn’t realize I had run out of paper, so when I went to order this morning & found out not only was my supplier discontinuing the paper-that no way to get the same paper in the states with out 3x the cost. Our little company runs on tight margins- so yup a bit of an issue. We bit the bullet and bought a small pack of the paper...hoping it applies & fires the same - crossed fingers. I need to take care of my immediate order. But I am looking for other options...just not expecting to make this switch on short notice. Thanks for everyone’s help.
  2. Hi Callie, Could you please list or email me as well the new printer you were speaking of? I have been using the beldecal paper for years, & I have a small boutique company and now I am outta luck. The price of the fired on is more than double what the beldecal price was. This is a bit of a nightmare. Thanks!
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