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  1. Hey all I have been attempting yarn bowls. They are easy enough to make but when they hit the glaze firing stage (fired cone 6), they wonk out on me every time. My pottery teacher and I have tried different ideas, such as thinner walls, thicker walls but they still wonk out. I am using porcelain clay as well. My teacher suggests trying a high fire clay fired at cone 6? What are your thoughts or experiences? I'll attach a few photos. (I don't have a photo of how much the one of the left wonked out...the top cut part jutted way out and in the finished photo I posted, you can see it dr
  2. I did a search here with no success. I contacted a business in my city that deals with industrial purifiers but they are unsure of what kind works with silica dust. Does anyone here know which models do? And if my studio is a room over from where my furnace is, would it be effective enough if I hooked it up through my furnace? I would love for my whole house to have clean air. Anyone have one? Or know of which model? Thanks! Kristy
  3. I also read that canvas isnt good to use because it holds dust....yikes...I love working with canvas.
  4. This is good to hear. I would definitately be more strict about cleaning and not leaving bits of clay around. I like the shoe idea!
  5. Hey everyone, Question for you. I'm going to be getting a wheel soon and will be working with clay and setup a little studio in my basement. I know the dangers of silica dust and was wondering if an air purifier would be beneficial to use to reduce clay dust in my home. What do you think? Does anyone on here have a studio in their home? Kristy
  6. Hi Old lady, I'm going to paint it on greenware and carve it off.
  7. Thanks for your replies, everyone! I caved and bought small bottles of underglazes for now until I can figure out the whole stain business lol
  8. Hey All! I'm new here and very new to throwing clay (6 months in) but have come to LOVE using colored slip on greenware and doing sgraffito. Now, please excuse my novice questions but I've been looking online for recipes for different colored slips. My pottery mentor told me to avoid buying stains as they are way too overpriced and to make my own colored slips with different chemicals. I found a black slip recipe easily but can't find a purple one or pink or yellow or green...even blue. Are there such recipes? I do love vibrant colors so this may be something that doesn't exist.
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