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  1. I’ve not heard of ‘soft brick’ - is there a different term for it here in the U.K.?
  2. Thanks Mark. When you hung from wire did it not slump, potentially causing the pieces to slide together?
  3. Hello everyone, I’m a newbie here, my first post. I’m trying to find out how to make fully glazed spoons/salad servers. The best solution I can find at the moment are some stilts with metal pins from Scarva. Hopefully they would just leave small pinprick marks in glaze? I’m handbuilding in stoneware clay, planning to fire to 1240C. I’ve noticed that many spoons have been made with holes for hanging, but I gather that niochrome wire (sp?) would slump, under the weight? if I can’t find a solution for glazing fully I guess I’ll just glaze the spoons partially. Most of the
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