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  1. Eyvind thank you for this. That is much better than anything else I could find on this topic on my own. High quality info. I see you have it figured out with probably no optimization left possible. I really hope that one day I will be able to afford a PP. Fingers crossed. Until then thank you and the best of luck with your business
  2. Thank you. I came across this website some time ago. I found it very interesting with lots of good info.
  3. Ok great. Tnx again for the info. I remembered another question. When you extrude through this tile nozzle - what do you put under the extruding exit hole? Or on what support does the extruded clay land on? Do you extrude straight on the wooden boards, drywall? It would be best to extrude on the surface where you can cut into shape and also leave it to dry without moving... I’m glad that you where able to stay in this business for this long. I would say it is a good sign also for me Keep up the good work
  4. Thanks. And recommends using highly grogged hand building clay.
  5. Thank you. Replied to this post on the other one as well
  6. First of all: thank you for responding and sharing so much info. About the upper quote. This was in cases where you used the whole width of extruded clay - this edge arching. So only at the sides this happens? Currently I am a prospective buyer and I turned to this forum for info since PP customer service isn’t responding to my e-mails. I’ll try to respond here to the info from the other post you answered as well. You wrote your methods of keeping flat tiles flat. So low moisture, slow drying equally fast on both sides and adding grog to the clay. This all makes s
  7. I think I have this book somewhere at home or maybe in my workshop. I bought some tile making books a while ago. Thanks
  8. Hey Eyvind. I am wondering how does the Peter Pugger tile extruder work for you now. Do you still use it? Did You overcome those issues?
  9. Thanks Denice. I already have some tiles I am drying between sheetrock/drywall. Really hope it makes a difference. If it works well I’m going to tape the edges as well. Is there a website of yours where I can see your tiles or perhaps instagram or facebook page? Thanks again
  10. Thanks to everyone for your advice. I’ll try to find a less plastic clay and try your drying methods. I really hope it makes the difference.
  11. I had some test tiles glazed under the conditions they recommend. I did a 2 second dip and there were many pinholes. I also fired as they recommend. In general this 2 second dip I think absorbed too much glaze since the pottery turned a bit greenish after glaze firing. Some people commented on their site that if too thick it goes s bit green. I’m thinking of adding more water to the glaze to see how that works.
  12. Hello, I am using Witgert Mont Blanc porcelain for pouring into molds. I am having some trouble with glazing though. Any advice on bisque temperature and glaze specific gravity for dipping? I bought Scarva’s glaze GZ2305. It is a porcelain transparent glaze and they recommend adding very little water (like for dipping stoneware). I suspect I should add more water since porcelain bisque is very thirsty Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
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