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  1. Thanks again @Mark C. - last question. I reached out to BRENT and the only thing I would not be able to get a replacement on is the motor. Anything I should be looking for with regards to the motors health? (other than what you've noted in your last comment) -Kyle
  2. @Mark C. - thanks so much! Really really helpful. If all goes well i'll pay what you got your used one for (they were asking about $650 USD originally and I used a post you did a long time ago as an indication for fair market value) So thank you! Glad to hear you have (2) - I'm guessing this means it's a nice little machine. Those tips are super handy and something I will do right when I get it. Is there any noise or weirdness I should look for/Inspect when I plug it in for a test upon seeing it Saturday? Thanks again. -Kyle
  3. Hi ceramics community - looking for your thoughts and guidance here. I just started in ceramics in January this year and love it. I took about (3) months of classes and have been in the community studio 9+ hours a week since I started. Where has this been all my life!? My question: I have set up my home studio on a budget to put more hours in and the last thing I'm missing is a wheel. I've been looking for the past few months and found someone selling a BRENT Model A that - based on research - I've gotten down to a reasonable price. Any suggestions on what I should look/listen for when I go to check it out for purchase this Saturday July 7th? I have attached a picture of the wheel and would really appreciate any beginner buyers guidance for an older wheel. Wheel Specs: 1/3 HP - 3 Amps - 110 Volt Thank you all in advance! -Kyle
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