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  1. It seems to be coated in something opaque.
  2. { Check the fuze 1st-its on the back of the controller in the newer models and the front of the controller in older models. It's a glass fuze 8 amp if I recall. } What will it look like if the fuse is still good/bad? I know absolutely nothing about this.. Here's a photo of the fuse nothing appears fried, and nothing stands out to me as being out of place. plugged in again after checking all of this, and still no sign of life.
  3. yes. I tried multiple working outlets, and tried an extension cord first, then directly into the outlet and still nothing
  4. Hi there, I have been storing someone's wheel in my detached garage for about a year without use. I plugged it in to use it recently, and it's not turning on or giving any indications of life (no light on switch, no sounds, etc.) . It's a Brent model C, and about 20 years old, but has never had this issue before and has always been stored in garages, with extended periods of non-use. My thought is that maybe something was jostled in the move a year ago? Where do I start with checking for things that might be disconnected?? any and all suggestions appreciated. Thanks!
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