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  1. We just acquired well over 300 plaster molds of a variety of sizes. They had been from a previous shop owner who had retired, but kept all the molds in her basement. When we came to pick them up, they had been moved outdoors. When we got them home and loaded them in our garage, we planned the next day to move them down to our basement. The next morning when we opened the garage door, it was filled with the smell of stale cigarettes. All the molds have absorbed a few years of cigarette smoke. I know you can clean plaster walls with vinegar. Can I wipe down the outside of the molds with vinegar without damaging them. Many of them are older. ages range from 1975 to 1996 . The interior of the molds are in really good shape. Outsides are mostly in good shape, a few bumps and scratches from the years. Any suggestions would be appreciated. This is but a small sampling of them.
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