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  1. This is a potentially very silly and easy to answer question, but before I buy ingredients for this recipe, I just wanted to clarify the second half of it -- am I actually supposed to put in 200 (2x?) the amount of stain vs the actual slip body? (Like, in a 2:1 ratio??) That's how I'm reading it, but I must be misinformed. What is the 200 amount supposed to be in relation to? Any help welcome! https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/ceramic-recipes/clay-bodies-and-casting-slips/casting-slip-orange/
  2. Thank you! I think this is more what I was looking for, although oil spot glazes are amazing, I'm not quite on that level yet.
  3. Oh! Are you referring to a special chat group online related to the book or the book itself (interestingly, I just received this book in the mail from Amazon. Serendipitous).
  4. Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone might have leads on mixing a glaze similar to these: The first glaze being a Albert Montserrat oil spot glaze, and the second being Mayco's "ink spot" glaze (which is classified with their jungle gems/crystals collection). I am more interested in the second glaze as it looks a bit more achievable. (Are oil spot glazes and crystal glazes even in the same realm?!) I'm fairly new to mixing my own glazes and am pretty stumped by this one, but am obsessed with the "composition notebook" pattern. Thanks for any help! E
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