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  1. So I haven't bought containers yet -decided I should do the materials first and didn't get to Tuckers before they stopped being open on Saturdays for the summer, so still waiting on that... In the meantime, I was perusing IKEA again and found these FILUR containers: https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/search/?query=filur They look like they might fit the bill but I'm wondering if any of you have tried them -or know whether the plastic is stiff/brittle or soft enough to withstand some banging around... Thanks, Eleanor
  2. Thanks Everybody, I've decided that my dream containers are the IKEA containers shared by Min. Now I just need to choose which chemicals to purchase... and hope there is budget left for containers afterwards!
  3. Fred, the dog food containers look great! Of course there is a pet lovers premium added to the price -the ones I can source easily are $70!! But at least I know what to look for on sale... OL, I've got some flour in Sterlite containers -they seem barely up to the 10kg load even though they -and because they seem brittle I live in dread of knocking them too hard on something and cracking them to bits. Also, never lift by the lid handle when full! Dick, I'll give a look at the wrapping containers -I suspect they might be too lightweight because their intended contents are pretty fluffy. Have you used them? OL, I'm in Guelph -and I haven't seen these particular containers for sale in a while -my go to source was always Canadian Tire -but I'll go anywhere South Ontario-ish or shop online and pay shipping if the shape and price are right. Thanks! Eleanor
  4. Hi there, I'm looking for a replacement for my ideal glaze ingredient storage container which seems to be no longer available and I'm hoping that one of you will have a suitable suggestion (available in Ontario, Canada). The containers I used to use for the 50lb bags of glaze ingredients were tall Rubbermaid totes (usually blue). I've attached a picture of the type of Rubbermaid and a picture of a lidless garbage can that is the correct shape. Basically what I am looking for is a sturdy lidded container that is big enough to hold an entire bag of material. Tall and narrow rather than short and wide so that they do not need to be stacked to maximize floor space under a counter. I don't want to move these suckers except to refill them! I am wary of any plastics that are too hard or brittle -the Rubbermaid is nice in that it is sturdy but has some give it it gets banged around. Anybody have any suggestions? (I wish I hadn't sold the containers along with the glaze ingredients when I downsized the last time...) Thank you! Eleanor
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