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  1. Your post has left me feeling a little lighter and thoroughly optimistic!!! I love the idea of the little firing of a single mug. Are you able to gather any more information on this? Would you be able to tell me more about your firing? It sounds relaxed and fun! I’ve just read that fabulous e-book and at his website- what a great man he was! That’s still bigger and more of a commitment to space/materials than I wanted- hence the request for more information on your effort. We’re the plates glazed or unglazed? Foodsafe? Oh so exciting! I’m trying to scour the web for the twig firing incase there was a video! Thank you you so much xx
  2. Hi, There has been various discussions and topics very similar (and probably the same if I keep looking) but I have a problem and hoping you lovelies can solve it (note solve: bot trample on). I want to be able to make a mug and bowl that is safe to drink and eat from without a traditional kiln. There, I said it haha! My friend and I are on a mission and have these things available to us: wood- lots of it experience making a mini smelting oven clay (should we go stoneware or earthenware?!) time determination ability to achieve temperatures of 1200c for 6 hours please can someone clever think of how this can be done outside, in nature without a proper kiln! I can get glazes! Thank you all in advance kimmy xx
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